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Kite is a sport that gives us this feeling of Well-being and Freedom ...

Kite-surfing, this nautical and aerial sport, is practiced using a small board towed by a kite and provides real sensations of pure gliding and weightlessness!


By coming to learn with us, you will discover kite-surfing in different stages for a complete learning:

1. Practice at the edge of the beach with a Trainer Kite (stable and safe kite which develops little power to start the initiation) in order to assimilate the flight window and the sensations of traction

2. Several fun exercises to develop these first gliding skills on the water

3. Improved handling, support and balance on the board

4. Development to make you independent in any situation

These steps are designed to maximize your time and move you forward in the best way and with confidence. Our excellent team of qualified instructors are ready to guide you through all stages of the international IKO (International KiteBoarding Organization) certification. Our priority is to give you the skills to become an independent rider ready to sail safely!  

Our kite-surfing lessons include all the equipment: helmet, vest, harness and full sail). Remember to bring your sunscreen, sun protection clothing and sunglasses. A small snack and bottle of water will be offered to you. We will meet you, at the local or directly on the spot indicated in advance, 20 minutes before your lesson in order to prepare. You will be asked to sign a compensation form and pay during the first class.


Little more: GoPro images will be taken during your lessons to be able to debrief on your progress. And at the end of the course, you will leave with a video of your kite-surfing trip in the Dominican Republic to keep fabulous memories!


* After a full course, the instructor will judge your level and if it is validated it will be possible to rent equipment (with or without an assistant depending on the client's autonomy).

Private Package 6h:

​You want to know everything about kitesurfing, feel the first sensations of traction and sliding. Then this package is for you. At the end of these courses you will have a good control of your kite in all security and you will also have made the first starts on the board.


- 3 sessions of 2 hours

- All equipment is included, Personal instructor

- Video Montage FREE

6 h - $ 360



You have never done kitesurfing or water sports before. are you intrigued by this sport? but you don't stay long enough on las terrenas or you're afraid of not loving it. You just want to give yourself a taste of kitesurfing. Then this is what you need....

- first flight with wing without power knowledge of the wind window 

- Assembly of equipment, connection of lines and safety rules

- Initiation to body dragging

1h- $80

Intense Package 12h :

your goal is to become completely independent and have the opportunity to kite alone safely. Desire to progress to the maximum, to learn to make your transitions and have a perfect upwind

- 6 sessions of 2 hours

- All equipment is included, Personal instructor

- Video Montage FREE

12 h $ 700

Children from 8 years old minimum (depending on height and weight min 40kg) Free initiation with training sail


Private lesson:beginner or intermediate

equipment included and personal instructor

2H - $ 140

Private lesson with the student equipment and personal instructor

2H - 90$

Private advanced course:

you are an independent kitesurfer but want to more progress

2H - 120$


Semi Private lesson:

group of 2 students with 1 instructor and a single sail .

2H - $ 80 per person

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